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There is always something cooking in an Italian home. The dinner table is the gathering place for friends, neighbors, family and unexpected guests. Sharing a meal holds special meaning, with hosts displaying their finest linens and hand-crafted ceramics and dinnerware. Our restaurants are filled with the beauty of Italy and the food is made fresh, with only the freshest ingredients just like you would eat at the dinnertable in Italy, as our guest. The Chef and recipes ? We can thank - Nonna!


When we think of “Old World” Italy, we think of vacations spent in historic places like Rome, Naples, the Amalfi Coast, Sicily, and Taormina. Italy is magical, romantic, soulful, and beautiful, and we haven’t yet even begun to describe the food or its people.

Life has a way of paving a path for us. Owning a restaurant brand was not in our original plans, but we said YES to the improbable and found our niche. We have an emotional connection with Italy and found the opportunity to bring all the things we treasure - home to our latitude in the Florida Keys.

Italian Food Company is a sensory experience. EAT, GAZE, and FALL in LOVE with the colors, sounds, flavors and connection to Italy. Our original recipes, like the sauces, meatballs, lasagna, parmigiana, pizza - all of those came from our own kitchens. Our recipes are simple and straightforward. We use AUTHENTIC and FRESH ingredients and take the time to let everything simmer, just like Nonna on Sunday afternoons. Che Buono! 


Everyone is treated like family.

Our dining experience begins with a familiar connection. 

We have so many fond memories of the places we love in Italy. All of those memories have friends, family and new found amici that made our experience unforgettable. It starts with the owner of our favorite beach club that remembers our name and our family. The server that instantly recalls our favorite drink and brings them before we have a chance to ask. The hotel attendant that strikes up a conversation and for the rest of our stay is like an uncle, at four o'clock every afternoon. Our beloved driver and his sons who make themselves available when we visit and we share life's big moments. The myriad of cousins, school friends and old neighbors that insist on sharing a meal with us, even at midnight. 

Engrained in the traditions of Italy - is an authentic human connection, that makes us laugh, and cry. The memories of Italy we relish - are its people,  and the reason we look forward to our next summer holiday. At Italian Food Company we hope this familiar connection is the reason you choose to dine with us.  We've curated many beautiful pieces from Italy; our Sicilian lava tables that our patrons dine on,  authentic hand-painted Italian ceramics including pottery, and imported IFC pantry goods with the Taste of Italy. As you EAT, GAZE and FALL in LOVE again with Italy - we hope you feel like family.

From Italy with love…

Ci vediamo presto, Amici!
- Tony Wright and Isis Wright, founders


Storied Roots of Neapolitan Pizza, Born in 1889


Naples is oft-called the “Queen of Italy,” for several delicious reasons. Beloved for its natural beauty, historical treasures, and Michelin Star-rated dining, this enchanting ancient southwestern coastal city may just be known best for its classic pizza; The Neapolitan Pizza.  In fact, the tradition of Neapolitan Pizza (Pizza Napoletana) is so renowned, in no small part due to the crafting method of preparation by Italian pizzaiolo (regional pizza makers), that the Naples pizza-making style has been distinguished with coveted UNESCO Heritage status, bestowed in 2017.  The act of twirling the dough before decorating with fresh classic toppings and baking in a classic wood-fired brick oven has been elevated to an art form. This uniquely Neapolitan pizza-making method, dating back to the 1800s, includes flash baking pizzas at super high temperatures of 800-900F for as little as 60-90 seconds. Our Key Largo location offers Naples most prized export - its pizza - in the same traditional preparation methods with freshly imported ingredients. If you've dreamt of tasting an authentic Margherita, name after the Queen of Italy, it's available without the passport in our Slice of Italy in the Florida Keys.